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Thursday, May 15, 2003
The Dead City Escape Pod
That was one of the potential titles for this blog before I came up with Kamikaze Lunchbreak. It was a reference to Tallahassee and how much I want to get out (again).

See, when I mention that we lived in Albany, NY, for three years, people here will ask the same questions. It's very call-and-response.

They say: "Wow, but wasn't it cold?"
I say: "Yes, but the weather the rest of the year really makes up for it. And the springtime feels very earned."
They say: "What about the snow?"
I say: "We loved the snow. Although it starts to get to you by March or April."
They say: "So, were you in, like, New York City?"
I say: "No. That was three hours south. Dumbass."

I still re-live the conversations that brought us back to Tallahassee. Our parents are here, and there was a homesickness factor. I initially said, "We can move close to Tallahassee, but there is no fucking way we're going back to Tallahassee!"

That tells you everything you need to know about my resolve.

So now the clans are gettin' antsy. (Quick note to our respective bands: We're not going anywhere anytime soon. Unbunch the panties.) Last summer, the time of year when everyone talks about leaving Tallahassee, we entered into a pact (of sorts) with Michelle's brother and his wife, and Michelle's parents. We're all on the five-year plan. (That was because I wanted to move before Mia enrolled in kindergarten.) We made half-jokes about all moving to the same city and living in a big, multi-family compound.

Actually, Michelle's brother and his wife (and child) may be moving before any of us . . . in the next couple years. Their possibilities are all over the map. Michelle's mom is very partial to Albany, but they'll never go that far north because dad is very southern (culturally) and very thin-blooded.

So, I've been researching locales for everyone. Kerry gave me a quick run-down of her trip to Providence, which is on the list. (So is Raleigh-Durham, but I haven't heard from Kerry on that one.) Caitlin's humble Richmond is on there, too. And, of course, the tried and true Atlanta, where Michelle's sister lives.

Now, I realize that it's all hypothetical at this point. Anything can happen in five (er . . . four and a half) years. And there are other variables, too: my parents, our friends, bands, jobs, Mia. But it's good to be prepared, right?

Actually, it's just another mindless distraction that I will eventually carry too far until I realize it's fruitless and silly and abandon it just like I do all my other tedious obsessions.