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Tuesday, May 27, 2003
A Day of Rememberance
If there was a scientific equation to evaluate how wild a party was (and what would it be?), our Sunday-afternoon cookout probably wouldn't rate very high, but it was plenty o' fun nonetheless.

It was a hastily planned affair . . . basically an excuse to get a bunch of friends over to our house to drink and hang out. Finally had another chance to put the hand-me-down gas grill to use (which, initially, was to nearly burn my face off during testing). Had a chance to play bocce and drink/eat some potent Jell-o shots. Only one person overdid it (passing out on our couch) and, word is, that she was out clubbing later that night.

I made the pronouncement during the cookout that we'd be doing it every other week during the Fall (football season). After all the cleanup, though, I imagine it'll be more like once a month.