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Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Dark Days in Blogland
I was reading CW's post yesterday about his need to "rejigger" his links due to a "shake-up" in the Blog World (that was after he made references to shitting his brains out with food poisoning). Anyway, being the self-conscious weiner I am, I figured he didn't like me anymore. But no, that's not it. It seems that we're losing people.

Later, I received an e-mail from Meredith that she had taken down her site. Soon, after I noticed on Caitlin's site that Vectorgirl was packing it in. What gives, people? No more Incompetent Attorney, Julia goes MIA after her trip to Miami, and now this?

I guess the positive note to report is that Jen is safely relocated in San Francisco now, and she's up and running. And Tracy, who is trekking around the Far East, is continuing to post remotely, even though she's technically on hiatus.

Adjust your links as necessary. I don't know who will (can?) replace Meredith and Vectorgirl. I may add Patti, in spite of her fascination with Dave Matthews (eh) and Jimmy Buffett (double ugh!). If I was a Cooking Loser, I'd add that one. Hmmm.


I keep telling myself that I'm having trouble surfing the Blogspot-hosted sites because Blogger is updating their software. Anyone have a line on this?


Did anyone watch the Buffy series finale last night? Well, I actually sat down to watch it after sitting on the sidelines for a couple seasons. Let me just say I was disappointed.

Okay, I'll say more than that. Willow gives all the "potentials" their slayer powers? Enya is killed? Spike dies saving everyone from the Hellmouth? A demon stabs right through Buffy and doesn't hang around to finish her off? Yeah, lots of retarded stuff going on in Sunnydale. Actually, Sunnydale is reduced to a giant crater. The End.


I can no longer tune in the local college station, so I'm listening to a quasi-adult contemporary corporate station (not Clear Channel) . . . "the greatest hits of the 80s, 90s, and today." But despite having almost 25 years worth of pop songs to work with, they have an extremely limited play list. I understand the need to foist Avril Lavigne's "new" song on us five times a day, but that fucking retarded "Rock-a-bye" song? ("Ev-er-y thing is gonna be alright . . . rock-a-bye.")

That sucks, my friends. S-U-X.