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Friday, May 02, 2003
Closing Shop Early Today
Hey kids. I'm trying to wrap up my day a little early, as the happy Kamikaze family is headed for Atlanta after work. I'm going to squeeze all the billable time I can into my remaining hours. (And blogging is not billable.)

So, please, be a good sport and help me (or someone else) out, will ya?

-- We were watching the new episode of Friends that we had taped earlier last night and, at the end of the episode, Chandler answers the phone. It's the doctor, who apparently tells Chandler the results of the fertility test(s). Then Monica comes in and Chandler is about to tell her what the doctor said. And then, right at that moment, the fucking VCR tape skipped. The scene picked up with them hugging and consoling each other. So, if you were watching Friends last night, could you tell me (us) what the doctor told Chandler on the phone? Feel free to joke about me being a total and complete "gaybo."

-- Go see Kerry about buying a necklace to support her fundraising cause, if you haven't already.

-- Can someone, anyone, tell me when Neil Halstead became such a fucking horrible musician/songwriter/artist? He starts perhaps the most influential shoegaze band this side of My Bloody Valentine (that would be Slowdive), which falls apart and degenerates into Mohave 3. And then, all of a sudden, he's a fucking Bob Dylan retread. WTF?

I'm gone. Love to the children.