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Wednesday, May 07, 2003
Are You Ready for the Summer?
This weekend is Beach Weekend for my company, which is picking up the tab for two nights in Sandestin. Michelle is taking off Friday to make it easier for us to leave as early as possible, but . . .

the president of the company is going, too. Which means, he's going to be in our office beforehand . . . starting today. And they've scheduled a staff meeting for lunch on Friday, so we won't be leaving early. How cruel is that?

There were rumbles of some "staff reductions," so if not getting to leave early for the beach is as cruel as things get, then I'm fine.


Of course, the president of the company was breezing down the hall after getting a cup of coffee. He briefly made eye contact with me as he passed, so he was obligated to stop in and say "Hi."

My computer had just crashed.

"Whatcha workin' on?"

Luckily, I had pictures of Mia pasted on my door, so the conversation turned toward the "new addition."

I would've told him her name, but he doesn't know mine, so what's the difference?


Went to lunch today with some co-workers. And, as it relates to the above sentiments, there's a fine line between gossip and information that's crucial to your professional survival.


It seems that IA has decided terminate his blog. I haven't plied him for the full story, but it looks like the end for Attorneys Suck. And that sucks.

But, this will give me an excuse to man-handle my blogroll some more. (No, IA, I wasn't just looking for an excuse.) I've capped it at 30 blogs, so taking IA off will make room for another. It'll probably be this chick, who's also a lawyer.


Summer's just beginning here in the capital of the Sunshine State. It's muggy, and temperatures are already rising into the 90s.

It's May 7 . . . just so we're all on the same page. Ask yourself: Is it summer where I am? Yeah, your answer's gonna be "No."