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Friday, April 11, 2003
Weekend Preview (or, I'll Be Whatever You Want Me to Be)
First of all, I updated the blogroll, which, in case you care, is part of my template. It's getting pretty big, now. I weeded out at least one site, but I added a handful. (Three sentences, six commas. Cool.)

New things include the amazingly funny live journal "written" by our favorite living despot, Kim Jong Il. I'd seen links to it on two different blogs, so I thought I'd permanently link to it. I also added a permanent link to Get Your War On.

The new blogs added were Attorneys Suck and Level With Ya. Funny stuff, both. And, in an effort to shake things up, I somewhat arbitrarily rearranged my blogroll.

Tonight is the fated Battle of the Bands. I'm sure you're all engorged in your genital areas over this one, but it's a big thing here at Chez Kamikaze because Mr. and Mrs. Lunchbreak are both participating with our respective (i.e., different) bands. Whooops! My prediction? We won't win shit and they'll get first place. Check back later for results.

Well, I have to get back to work, so no time to get you all fluffed up with the rest of our weekend plans . . . which is okay, because there aren't many.