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Wednesday, April 02, 2003
Urinate. But if Your Tits Were Bigger, You'd be a Ten.
Man, I love that joke. What I don't love is when our cat pees on our bed.

Anyone that knows us knows that our cat, Archie, has deep-rooted psychological issues. Unfortunately, some of those neuroses result in him peeing on our bed. He hasn't done it in a while, but he did last night. I think it's because I waited too long to feed him. (He'll follow me around when I get home from work. He'll meow to let me know he's ready to eat. If I don't respond in a timely fashion, he'll go back to our room and stand on the bed and howl, holding our bed hostage. If I don't respond to that . . . well, the hostage gets it.)


In continued honor of Dr. Pepper's blog-shilling, I have another endorsement: Kellogg's Honey Frosted Mini-Wheats. I really can't get enough of these things.


Another endorsement, but not of a product exactly. I know many of you have read Get Your War On here. (And if you haven't, why not?) Well, you should buy the book, too. Now I picked it up because my mom gave me a $10 gift card to Border's, so it was virtually free. But lately, I'm painting the whole corporate vs. indie issue as being more black and white (respectively).

This is more clearly encapsulated in my CD-buying/CD-burning/file-sharing philosophy. First of all, I try not to pay full price for a CD, ever. If I absolutely have to have a CD right now and I'm holding it in my hand, then yes. Most of the time, I'll try and find it used. If I have to buy it new, I try and buy it from the artist's website or their label's website. That way, you usually pay about $10 (shipping included). And that makes my blood boil. You can pay upwards of $17.99 for a new CD in some stores. Well, fuck that.

As far as downloading songs, I refuse to download an entire album by a band . . . unless it's Explosions in the Sky's first album, which is long out of print. Anyway, I'd be tempted to do it with major label artists, because major labels suck ass. Most of the time, though, I just download a song here or there.

Now, I feel a little guilty buying used CDs of indie bands, but I make a lot of mix CDs, which I think can be argued serve as promotion for some lesser bands.

And don't get me started on corporate radio.

So, to summarize: Major corporate conglomerates reek of yesterday's feces. Support independent artists/companies whenever you can.


Back to the mix CD thing, tomorrow I will reveal the winner(s) of the quiz/contest-thing. And after that, I will reveal so much more. (Gulp!)