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Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Surprise! You Have Work to Do!
Yeah, I was as surprised as you. As I was about to stop surfing blogs this morning, I was given an Environmental Site Assessment to edit and clean up by lunchtime tomorrow. So that's what I spent a great deal of this morning doing. This afternoon promises to be more of the same, along with tomorrow morning. I'd had a lot of downtime recently, so I guess I'm back to earning my money. This means my promised fast-food expose is going to be in development a little longer. I'll shoot for Thursday. (And I'll try and make it worth the wait.)

Here's a snapshot of my office . . . in words:

-- I have several pictures of my family. One of my wife on our wedding day, and one of her (a polaroid) taken during her last birthday celebration at Lucy Ho's. There's a nice one of her holding Mia, and one of us in our first apartment together (circa 1996). I also have a picture of our cats sitting on a window ledge in Albany, NY.

-- My bulletin board has: a post card of the the "Florida state bird" (the mosquito), a picture of McSweeney Arms taken by a friend who went to Ireland, two Dilbert cartoons, a Newsweek editorial cartoon that supports soccer, and the George Bush "Got Coke?" mock-ads that preceded his "election."

-- There's a calendar of Japanese art.

-- Food-related items on my desk: half bag of pepperoni cheese Combos, empty A&W root beer can, empty bowl of Uncle Ben's Spicy Thai Chicken Pasta, unopened can of Dole pineapple chunks (in their own juice), and a half-used container of Nescafe Frothe. Yeah, who's the "gaybo" now?

-- Next to my computer are the personal knick-knacks: my Fargo snow globe (the woodchipper one), two Pez dispensers (a Valentine's Day heart and Piglet), a figurine of Francis (the ladybug from A Bug's Life), and a miniature Asian bowl that a friend brought back from Chinatown in San Francisco (if I remember correctly).

Man, I'm sweating my balls off. Need to open my door and get the air circulating. Exciting, huh?

Back to work! (Yeah, I'm talkin' to you!)