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Monday, April 21, 2003
Stats that Shape a Weekend
Number of erotic versions of Alice in Wonderland viewed: 1
Number of Easter bunnies Mia received: 3
Number of Easter "eggs" found/consumed: 2

The weekend didn't turn out to be quite as debaucherous as I'd hoped. Not that I was angling for anything too tawdry. I just thought we (and, be extension, you) might be witness to some interesting sights.

Friday night, Girls on Film played a show, so I stayed home with Mia. I watched The Man Who Wasn't There. (Cue slight disappointment. Being a Coen Brothers fan, I was expecting something a little less boring and convoluted. My apologies to noir fans everywhere.)

Saturday afternoon/evening was Julie's Alice in Wonderland-themed birthday party. Hardly anyone dressed up (as requested). One couple sported the complementary "Eat me/Drink me" t-shirts. There was badminton, which was fun, until Michelle twisted her knee. I opted out of the croquet (played with miniature pink flamingos as the mallets). There was "Pin the Smile on the Cheshire Cat." And there was a viewing of a 1982 erotic production of Alice in Wonderland. Besides being soft-core porn, it was a musical. We had it muted, despite someone's assertion that we really weren't getting the full effect. (With the sound muted, I was still able to follow the jiggling breasts . . . er, story.)

No-one got too loaded before we left around 11. But apparently, there was some intense drunken behavior after we left. I did my part, mixing a few rounds of Deep Green Seas. Oh well.

Sunday afternoon was the infamous Easter "egg" hunt/cookout. There were 50 airline-sized liquor bottles hidden around the house. I wasn't going to participate, but then someone mentioned not having drink the liquor bottles immediately upon finding them. Michelle played, finding about seven bottles. I found two. For watching Mia, Julie received a mini-bottle of Bombay Sapphire. Michelle took home most of her various cordials, while I added the vodka and Jim Beam (which I traded for) to my Sprite/pineapple juice concoction. Pretty tasty, but on top of my el huge-o Scotch Apple and an Icehouse, I was mightily buzzed.

Still, no-one took off any clothing or passed out, so we kind-of decided that next year, it's back to drinkin' the shots on the spot. We'll just have avoid too much of the punishing straight stuff.


For your reference, we made some Cho Cho Sans at the two parties. Try it using a medium glass with ice. Pour in a few ounces of plum wine. Add a little 7-Up, and fill the rest of the glass with pineapple juice. Sounds gay, tastes good.

Okay, tastes kind-of gay, too.