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Wednesday, April 16, 2003
Rockin' Like Dokken
My band had a show last night. It was our first actual gig in about six weeks. We played at Club Jade, which is very gay-leaning. Some telling details:

-- I had an encounter with a flaming homosexual in the bathroom. He pissed on his hand and felt the need to tell me about it. And then he told me not to tell anyone. So, if you see him, don't tell him I told you.

-- There was a drag queen there wearing (I think) a leather jacket and bikini bottoms. Don't know if he/she was of the post-op variety, but he/she had a nicer ass than most of the women in the club. And that's not even the gayest thing I've ever said (or written).

-- Each band member received three "free drink" cards, which could be used for domestic beers and well drinks. Domestic beers were: Bud, Bud Light, Mic, Mic Light, Miller Light, and Rolling Rock. I pulled a Meredith, rather than choosing the dinner beer (Mic Light). I don't think I realized before that Rolling Rock is brewed in Latrobe, PA.

-- Before the Rolling Rocks, I had a Negra Modelo at the Mexican restaurant next door. It was my first time.


Y'know how you sometimes feel jaded about the company you work for, but still feel a sense of pride when a project your company has been consulting on makes the front page of the local paper one day, and the featured editorial the next?

No? Well, why not?


Much of this country is covered in paved, asphalt strips called roads. These roads are often bordered with white lines or grassy medians. The lanes are divided by yellow lines, either broken or double solid . . . or a combination. Sometimes, there are two, or three, or four (or five!) of these lanes where cars can drive in the same direction, side by side. But you can only drive in one lane at a time. Yes, you can switch from lane to lane (using your signal would be great), but do it quickly. Straddling the broken yellow line for long periods of time is not an option, especially when I'm trying to get around you.

To summarize: Pick. A fucking. Lane. Asshole!


To everyone who's been waiting with bated breath for the mix CD (Kamikaze Lunchbreak, Volume One) to be completed . . . well, it is. I'm just putting the final touches on the artwork. Some of you will be receiving e-mails very soon. And those of you who are left out of this run will get a chance next time. I promise . . . no more silly quizzes, either.