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Friday, April 25, 2003
Revisiting the Old Me
Yes, my friends, it's Friday. What better way to send you off to your weekend plans than a little political reflection? I've avoided wading too deep into politics here at the Lunchbreak, but we seem to be at a crossroads, when reflection is appropriate.

It took a matter of weeks to vanquish the brutal Iraqi "regime" from that country. We know that was a top priority (if not the top priority) of this mission, but another was locating Weapons of Mass Destruction. However, the WMD are proving hard to find. So, the Administration has tried to gloss over that with their mercy mission of liberating the Iraqi people. And now they're saying that we may never find WMD because the Iraqi leadership was too good at hiding them, or has perhaps destroyed them. (I suggested that they would've been smart to do the latter, leaving egg on Dubya's face as their legacy.)

Now that Saddam has apparently left the building, the thankless liberatees don't want us milling about in their country. And they don't want us dictating what type of government they can have, either. Which makes sense, really.

But I'm disturbed by recent rumblings from the White House. First, I hear that Rummy has made it clear that we're not going to accept an Islamic Theocracy (like that of Iran) in Iraq. Then our bumbling idiot president was being interviewed by Tom Brokaw. What disturbed me about that? Well, the fact that I am once again reminded that we have a fucking boob for a president!

We have the chance to mend fences in the Middle East. I say let the people choose their own government. If the Shiite majority wants a Theocracy, fine. Help them usher in the new leadership peacefully (if that's possible with the Sunnis and the Kurds in the mix). Are we really going to foist an unwanted Democracy on these people? Are we trying to see how much hate we can stir up? Wouldn't it be better to prove that we're good guys, and we know when to extricate ourselves from the situation? I know this all sounds short-sighted, but I think the goal should be that the resulting government of Iraq and its people smile favorably on us when this is all over.

And then there's France. And North Korea. And Syria. Why do my balls start to hurt when we have Colin Powell (once a voice of reason) threatening France with some form of retribution for their transgression before the war when, at the same time, we're coddling Kim Jong Il? I know it's easy to bully the French, but c'mon.

Let Georgie flit about the country and try to sell his lame-ass tax cut. He doesn't have much leadership to offer. Maybe in 18 months or so, we'll find someone better for the job.