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Thursday, April 03, 2003
The Quiz Results and "Winners"
Before we get to the "winners" of the mix CD giveaway quiz/contest, I want to thank everyone who participated. I think I learned a lot about you guys and gals. Or, was that just what you thought I'd like? Well, that's certainly how the quizzes were scored. Let's peruse the quiz answers, shall we?


Given these choices of bottled beverages, I'd prefer:
I feel bad about this one. It was a trap, right in the first question. The correct answer was not Sam Adams which, I feel, tastes like metal shavings. Many of you chose that one and lost 2 points. And for that, well, I'm sorry. Bud Light was neutral, as was the "soda/pop/cola" choice. Red Stripe and Cider Jack were both worth 5 points. I had to give Meredith 1 point, because I knew she preferred Rolling Rock, which is a decent choice. And JenB is on the wagon, presumably for her baby-making effort, so I gave her a couple points.

Given these choices of mixed drinks, I'd prefer:
Obviously, I couldn't put the fantabulous kamikaze on there, so I put his upwardly mobile cousin, the cosmopolitan, as the preferred choice. Scotch choosers earned 2 points for the "steel-gut factor." Margaritas are just passe. Sorry.

I read ________ religiously:
Most people picked up on The Onion as being the correct answer. No points for fashion mags. Newspaper got you a few. Had any of you heathens chose the Holy Bible / Koran / Torah option, you'd have earned a point . . . instead of burning in Hell.

For inspiration, I turn to:
No real wrong answer here. Strangely, I don't think anyone picked poetry (5 points). (Okay, maybe that's not so strange.) Death Cab for Cutie and "blog" choosers earned 4 points. And, um, Jules . . . nudie pictures of William Shatner? Ouch.

If this were a menu, I'd want:
No real wrong answer here, either. Most people went with sushi (5 points). I wasn't feeling to Americana when I made the quiz, so burger and fries was the neutral choice. Everything else was good for a point.

Of these DVDs, I'd most likely watch:
I should've just identified Miller's Crossing as the Coen Brothers movie fave. Amelie and LOTR earned 5 points, also. Picking Old School earned you 2 points for having the sac to think that's cool. Luckily, no-one lost 2 points for choosing the big, dumb popcorn flick. I mean, the question was related to DVDs, and everyone knows that big, dumb popcorn flicks can only be viewed in the theater.

My political affiliation is:
This was a tough one, because so many people picked Libertarian. It's nice to be in support of personal freedoms, but their platform, I feel, is fiscally irresponsible. So, no points. Hey, at least you didn't loose 5 points for being a full-on, straight-up Republican. Greens and Democrats were the preferred choice. Anarchists? Your system doesn't work, and you were docked 2 points. Sorry.

My favorite sport to watch is:
As much as I'd like it to not be true, "porn" was not the correct answer here. Sorry, Kerry. Football was a good answer (4 points), but soccer was one point better. Baseball is boring to watch, unless it's the World Series, or you're playing "Mound Ball" for money. And no, soccer is not more boring than baseball. No, stop arguing. You're wrong. Just deal with it.

My favorite sport to play is:
This is the mad-props-to-Meredith-and-Vectorgirl question, but then VG has to go and screw it up by watering down her hockey-playing with golf. Dang. Kick ball and dodge ball were worth as much as hockey and basketball (all 5 points). Kerry threw the porn out there again. (He shoots, he scores!)

Usually, I listen to:
I think there were a few of you that wanted to admit to a country preference here, but were afraid you'd be docked points. Well, you would've been. Smart choice. I should've added Jimmy Buffett to really fuck you bad-music-listening people over.


And now the "winners." The competition was fierce and, well, ended in a tie. And wouldn't know you, it was everyone's favorite butt-girls . . . Kerry and Caitlin with 39 out of a possible 50 points. As for people who know me, Michelle's brother (who posts under an assumed name) got 48 out of 50 points.

I knew just by looking at the answers that Kerry was going to do well. Everything was spot on, except for the (sadly) misguided porn-as-sport answers. Caitlin's answers were a little more even, but yielded the same result. So, these two will be contacted about setting up the CD. And, as I suspect this will be the one of the more accessible mix CDs I will make, I'll burn a handful of others to offer to those who were close. In the future, I'll probably be making CDs on a more one-on-one basis, but I'll probably make a few extras for trading.

I'll be contacting Kerry and Caitlin today to solicit mix-CD guidance. Then I may be contacting runners-up shortly after for their interest in the resulting CD. In order, these people are: Keleigh (38 points), CW (36), Tracy (35), JenB (33), and Meredith (29).