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Thursday, April 10, 2003
Planning (Or, Ode to Slack Time, Part II)
I don't plan well. I often forget things, like birthdays and bills and rebates and appointments. And I'm unorganized. These things would be better-managed if I had something like a Franklin Planner, yes?

Well, I've had a Franklin Planner since 1995.

I get my pages every year. I make sure that I at least keep the current month's pages in my binder. And, until last year, I've made sure to transfer all my family/friend's birthdays to the new year's calendar.

I think I just need room on my desk to lay it flat and open to the correct day. So I can make lists . . . of things to do. Or things to list. (Making lists = fun.) But I have so many reports, and it's hurting my brain to keep up with where I am on all of them. And I have no room on my desk.

The business manager said it was okay for the receptionist to order my pages again (my year starts in April). I'm going to use mine this time. Just like I'm going to lose weight.

This is why I'm not such a good friend or relative, by the way.

(Note to self: Clean off your desk, or you're going to Hell.)