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Tuesday, April 08, 2003
Ode to Slack Time
I'm busy. It's a busy time here at work. The "Publications Group Document Schedule" is full-up for April. I was toiling away on a report all morning when I realized that I hadn't written anything for the Lunchbreak. Usually, I have plenty of time to put a post (or series of posts) together over the course of the morning. But not right now.

So, I'll probably be posting shorter and more frequently. Or just shorter. Maybe I'll do some blogging from home now that our new Dell is proving itself reliable and useful.

Of course, blogging just got me in trouble. Here I am, on my lunchbreak. My wife called just before 12:30 to tell me that she forgot to get the credit card from me to pay for her extraction (tooth) that was scheduled for 1. She was going to swing by and pick up the card on her way to the dentist, which is near my office. I estimated that she would arrive between 12:45 and 12:50, and I was supposed to meet her downstairs. And, of course, I was reading blogs when she knocked on my door at 12:54.

Damn you, people. It's all your fault!