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Thursday, April 24, 2003
The Gift of Music
Kamikaze Lunchbreak, Volume One should be arriving in a few of your mailboxes today or tomorrow. For those of you who may be new here, I had a silly quiz a few weeks ago and several people responded. A handful of those who scored the highest are receiving hand-crafted mix CDs from yours truly.

Volume One is a 17-song disc that Kerry and Caitlin (who tied for the highest score) were given the opportunity to customize. Neither of the girls was too picky, although Kerry requested that it not be too slow as she listens to CDs a lot while she's driving. So, the CD is mostly upbeat (and the slow songs are deceptively slow . . . except for the Low song, which is just slow). There's some fey Brit-pop/rock (Placebo and Suede), dyke punk (The Butchies), post-punk (Interpol), post-rock (Couch), electroclash (Ladytron), thoughtful Barsuk bands (Death Cab and The Long Winters), shoegaze rock (Mira, Plexi, Idaho, Libido, and Six by Seven), and a great cover by Dismemberment Plan. (I refuse to link to all of these bands. Sorry.)

I've decided that the KL-series CDs are going to be for my personal use, too. So, I'll be making them (probably once a month or so) and offering one or two for trading. My apologies to Meredith for not including anything by my band, or my wife's band. I don't need songs by my band on a mix CD of mine, and Michelle's band is just beginning to lay down tracks for a recording. My band is about to begin demos of our new material. If/when we have a new EP, I'll let you know.

I've been working Kazaa like a kept woman for the past week or so, and now I have quite a collection of songs to burn. Plus, I've been pulling songs from my CD collection for mixes. If the above list looks appealing, then you might enjoy future CDs.