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Tuesday, April 15, 2003
Christ is Risen! Where's My Drink?
It's going to be a party-filled weekend here at Casa de la Kamikaze. Saturday is the Alice in Wonderland-themed birthday party for our friend (and Michelle's bandmate) Julie. Her parties are always well-planned and fun.

Sunday is the Second Annual Easter "Egg" Hunt at our friend Doug's house. I'm not sure I'm going to participate this year because I cheesed out last year. I bet a lot of you iron-livered souls would get a kick out of it. Here's the deal:

It's pretty much a standard afternoon cookout party, with alcohol and lawn games. But the highlight is the Easter egg hunt, which consists of several airline-sized liquor bottles painted like Easter eggs and hidden around his yard. The catch is that when you find one, you have to drink it immediately. On the spot. Most of the time, you can't tell what it is, so it gets to be a risky proposition.

Last year, Michelle was pregnant and couldn't play, but I did. I had a 32-ounce cup filled halfway with Sprite and juice of some sort. I found about six or seven of the bottles and dumped a few of them into the cup. I traded and gave away a couple. I kept the Midori for future "use." So, I cheated, but I did drink most of them . . . just not right away.

We tried to play croquet afterward, but the game went astray when the alcohol started taking hold of the participants. One person threw up and then passed out next to a shed. Another climbed up on the roof and mooned everyone. Later, he did the same thing at ground level, bouncing as he did it. In a circle. With his pants to his knees. I managed to turn my head away before I saw too much. Others weren't so lucky.

And I have to play in a band with these people.

Suffices to say that this weekend will be blog-worthy.