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Wednesday, April 09, 2003
All Hail West Texas
The Mountain Goats played in Tallahassee last night. John Darnielle and his occasionally used bass player "rocked" us for over an hour. It was my first time seeing the "band," and I was fairly impressed. I hardly recognized any of the songs he played, outside of those from his latest release, Tallahassee. I was sadly disappointed that I didn't get to hear "The Best Ever Death-Metal Band Out of Denton." ("Haaaaaiiil Satan! . . . Hail, hail.")

I was also there in support of our friends in Pocket Novel Mystery. They were the second-billed band. The band that opened the show (The Myrtles from Red Stick*, Louisiana) played for nearly an hour . . . after starting late. It was country-tinged indie rock that got pretty stale a few songs into the set. And when they'd already played a standard opening set, they announced they had a few more songs. So, you can guess what happened when PNM got into the meat of their set. That's right, they got the shaft.

Here's the Rock Band 101 lesson in Opening the Show: If you're the bottom band on the bill, ask how long you're supposed to play. Otherwise, keep it to 30 to 35 minutes. It's called etiquette, champs. Okay? Thanks.

* No, I'm not doing the anti-French posturing here . . . this time. My friend Joe and I started referring to Baton Rouge as "Red Stick" when he lived in New Orleans for a few years back in the early 90s. Yeah, real mature . . . I know.