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Friday, March 14, 2003
First, let me start by saying I hope to God that this isn't the same as Ambitionless. I mean, yeah, that's still me, but do I have to write everything in my most earnest voice? I hope to bring it more, in both attitude (like maybe JR or Sarah B.) and better writing (like, well, too many to link). No, not copy-catting, but I'm capable of better. And you deserve better.

Anyway, if you're here from my previous location, let me show you around:

This is Kamikaze Lunchbreak. It combines references to my favorite cocktail, Japanese culture (specifically, the poetic, piloted-WWII-suicide* part of their culture), and my favorite part of the weekday (between the hours of 8 and 5, of course) . . . because that's when I do most of my blogging. (And I wish that I could have a kamikaze while doing it.) Plus, the name has the whole multiple-interpretation thing happening. And, y'know, that's pretty cool.

To the left, you can see my links, including a newly created e-mail account! (Gasp!) The list(s) of blogs are for my use, as well as yours. I swing by all of those at least once a day, clicking down that same list after I check my comments (yeah, I'm that much of a comment whore). I added quite a few that I didn't have at the other place, and I'll probably add a few more soon.

I got a lot helpful tips and advice in getting to this point. Thanks again to Julia for all the HTML assistance. (I decided against raiding Blogskins, because I was fine with the site being simple, in a utilitarian way.) Thanks also to JenB, Jen, and CW for their name input (even though I went in a slightly different direction). And thanks to Hootress for support and for unknowingly turning me on to Squawkbox for my comments. (Has to be better than Haloscan, right?)

The future looks bright for me. Full of hope. Full of sour drinks that kick. Full of pretty, blue-eyed women (the ones at home). As far as what I have planned, I'm currently cookin' up my list of 100 things, which seems to be prerequisite to be taken seriously in the blog world. I'm also planning a series of mix CDs that I will give away using silly questionnaires as my guide. Sound fun? Well, stick around.

Oh, yeah, KL endorses Tanqueray Sterling and Rose's Lime (for the "lime juice"). Shake over ice, and strain into a solid tumbler. Enjoy.

* KL does not endorse flying airplanes into buildings or ships for the purpose of killing people. Mostly, that's because KL does not endorse killing people, in general. Wartime attacks (suicidal) on troops are a somewhat different scenario. Holy war attacks (suicide bombings) on civilians aren't. Disagree? Bring it.