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Monday, March 24, 2003
Stats that Shape a Weekend
Points in NCAA Bracket Pool: 43 (out of 64 possible; third place)
Score of Bowling Rematch: 125 to 115 (I lost)
Hours of War Coverage Watched: Christ, I don't know . . . and "watched" isn't quite the same as "had it on while reading something or checking the brackets"

It was on T.V. everywhere we went on Saturday. Mozzarella's (The American Cafe). The bowling alley. The show at the Club Downunder. That's right, basketball.

It was Valentine's Day revisited as the wife and I got together with Rich and Allison for a bowling rematch. I was going to avenge my previous loss to Rich. The first game ended in an embarrassingly low-scoring, tied game. Actually, Michelle had a chance to win it in the last frame and rolled double gutter balls. (Ouch, honey. Ouch.) The second game, despite getting fired up at Wisconsin's buzzer-beater win, I still lost at the end. Guess I'm not a clutch bowler.

So, how about that basketball? I wasn't feeling too great after the opening round, but the weekend games wiped out lots of my opponents' picks in future rounds. Florida goin' all the way? Sorry. Not gonna happen. Xavier in the Final Four? Nope. Granted, my picks are pretty safe ones. The only semi-gamble was Duke for the Final Four. If they can knock off Kansas this Thursday, I'll get rid of some more competition and that $40 will be mine!

Yeah, I kept up with the war over the weekend . . . have to keep track of my tax dollars, y'know. I was mostly tuned to MSNBC. I switched to CNN when MSNBC started re-running items from earlier in the day, but I switched back when one of those retarded antidrug.com commercials/PSAs came on. What kind of terrorists am I supporting if I buy a bag of juicy, sticky Jamaican Blue?

Not that I would ever do that, mind you. Just asking.


I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support for my poetic effort. Actually, that poem is a little old and not my best work. I also noticed that Kamikaze Lunchbreak has been added to a few more blogrolls. Thank you. Thank you all.