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Thursday, March 27, 2003
The Quiz
I like making mix CDs. I usually make myself a new one every two or three months. But I really like to make them for other people. I mean, whether or not they put the resulting CDs in their version of "high rotation" is not important. It's putting something out there that maybe they'll enjoy or be influenced by. Kind-of like blogging.

Anyway, I'm planning on making a personalized mix CD for the person who scores highest on the following quiz. The quiz is about your preferences, not mine. So, when it reads "I/me/my" it means you. Got that?

There is a highly subjective, KL-based scoring system for each question. You should know that, for most questions, there is no more than one wrong answer (negative points). Some answers are neutral (no points), but many are varying degrees of correct-ness (positive points).

The quiz will run for one week. You can submit your entry in the comment section, or you can e-mail me your answers (link on the left). Oh, yeah . . . if I know you in the "real" world, you can still participate and may receive a CD if you win, but the CD will be customized for the blog-world entity who wins and not you.

Good luck!


1. Given these choices of bottled beverages, I'd prefer:
a. soda/pop/cola (of any variety)
b. Red Stripe
c. Sam Adams
d. Bud Light
e. Cider Jack

2. Given these choices of mixed drinks, I'd prefer:
a. gin and tonic
b. cosmopolitan
c. scotch (with or without water/ice)
d. rum or bourbon and Coke
e. margarita

3. I read ________ religiously:
a. The Holy Bible / Koran / Torah
b. The Book of Mormon
c. The Onion
d. fashion magazines
e. the newspaper

4. For inspiration, I turn to:
a. The Holy Bible / Koran / Torah
b. T.V.
c. Death Cab for Cutie
d. poetry
e. my favorite blog sites

5. If this were a menu, I'd want:
a. sushi (any variety)
b. hamburger and fries
c. wings (with bleu cheese and celery)
d. dinner salad
e. pasta or pizza (any variety)

6. Of these DVDs, I'd most likely watch:
a. Pearl Harbor
b. Amelie
c. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
d. Old School
e. any Coen Brothers movie

7. My political affiliation is:
a. Democrat
b. Republican
c. Green
d. Libertarian
e. Anarchist

8. My favorite sport to watch is:
a. football
b. basketball
c. baseball
d. soccer
e. I don't watch sports

9. My favorite sport to play is:
a. ice/roller hockey
b. golf
c. basketball
d. kick ball or dodge ball
e. I don't play sports (or, not these sports)

10. Usually, I listen to:
a. country music
b. hip-hop/rap music
c. straight-up rock
d. indie rock/alternative
e. hymns


I have a friend coming from out of town at lunch today, so I may not blog tomorrow. We'll see how the day goes.