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Thursday, March 20, 2003
The Nightmares
As far back as I can remember, I have only had two nightmares. Ever. In my entire life. Oh, yeah, I've had the dreams where I'm falling and I wake up clutching my pillow, or hanging off the bed. But scary dreams . . . not so many.

And, strictly speaking, these dreams weren't really nightmares. One was scary but then degenerated into silliness. The second one was not scary in the classic sense, just very intense and real.

Both dreams were set at my parents' last house as a married unit. There was a pond across the street, and residences bordered the pond, except the lot directly across from our house, which was vacant. I was in my teens when I had the dreams.

In the first dream, the pond was a huge chasm. There were no other houses besides ours. Around the chasm, there was a dirt track. People were driving go-carts on the track. I was standing out by the dirt track by our mailbox. A green-faced, witch-type character appeared from nowhere . . . maybe she came out of the chasm. She ran at me, screaming that she was going to kill me and my entire family. I ran up the driveway and got into the family car where, strangely enough, my parents were waiting for me. The witch ran up to the car and started screaming at my window. And, as I watched her, she started making faces and sticking out her tongue. It was very similar to that scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where "Tim, the Enchanter" is describing the horrible bunny creature, "with sharp, pointy teeth . . ."

The second dream was very brief. I was standing at my bedroom window. It was nighttime. There was a helicopter hovering over the pond with searchlights illuminating it. There was a man hanging onto one of the landing bars. I could hear him screaming over the helicopter's engine. There were also two men in the open door of the helicopter with machine guns. They were shouting and aiming their guns at the man.

I woke up in a cold sweat.


Lots of great stories at other sites, including CW's chronicle of young love and Caitlin's laundry list of her various relationships. (Yeah, there's your link love. It's very one-sided between Caitlin and I.) I'd post some of my own, if I could remember them and if posting such stories wouldn't result in divorce proceedings. I guess I'll leave the story-telling to those who are better at it. For now, anyway.