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Monday, March 17, 2003
March Madness
We are going to war. This should surprise no-one.

When the missiles fly, no-one should be shocked. Or in awe.

And no-one should be surprised when nothing changes. In a year and a half, people voting against Bush because of the war will be a pitiful minority. But I'll vote against Bush anyway.

Not for the war, but because he's a jackass.

Our fearless leader is going to address the nation tonight, and probably give the order to start launching the missiles (for the "shock and awe" part of the attack) soon after.

I really wanted to steer away from the overtly political stuff, but I'm sure we're all thinking about it on some level. Let me just say that this attack would most likely have been necessary at some point . . . if the world was really serious about disarming Saddam. If we start with the resolution passed (unanimously) last fall, and add to that Saddam's history, things were going to end in war. One month, four months, it wouldn't matter. We'd be in the same place, talking about the same crap. France would oppose any ultimatums. Russia would be worried about the glut of Iraqi oil crashing their economy.

But the buildup to this point has been handled so badly. I said months ago that Bush has a hard-on for Saddam and that, one way or another, we're going to end up going to war with Iraq. And now it's coming true. (Not because I said so.) Everyone sees it as score-settling, or America being arrogant. History will (sadly?) remember it differently.

So, we're going to war. And I'm not surprised. You aren't either.

However, I won't be taking any precautions to protect my family, like stockpiling water, or gasoline, or duct tape. I'm going to fill out my tournament bracket and pay my $5.

Let's get this thing over with.