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Wednesday, March 19, 2003
It's the End of the World as We Know It (in Iraq, Anyway)
I just realized that we missed The Real World last night. Damn. What'd we do instead? Well, during Michelle's band practice, I did some cleaning in our "office." I moved the old Compaq out to the kitchen to set it up and purge some files. Then I did a little blog-surfing. After that, I lulled myself into a sleepy state by playing Tetris on Michelle's Gameboy.

May the bombs fall around me in the shapes of those frustrating, colorful little blocks.


I'm not going to get into a rant on smoking; I don't want to turn off any readers who participate in that activity. But is it a symptom of severe addiction when you're bumming cigarettes from people in other cars at traffic lights?

When I was driving home from the grocery store yesterday after work, I was stopped at a light, waiting to turn left. Suddenly, a guy in the car next to me gets out, runs back to the car behind him (hopefully someone he knew), and comes back to his car with a cigarette.

Now, I wouldn't have paid much attention to this, but the guy was a little shady looking. And he got out of his car very quickly. And I had Mia with me (with the doors unlocked . . . sorry, honey). So, I was pretty alarmed.

Dude, I'm glad I could be so startled by your cigarette craving.


I just got out of a Good Laboratory Practices refresher seminar. We were told an interesting story about the lab that is partially the basis for the GLP standards. In the 1970s, said lab was cited for accidentally running their mouse cages through the cage washer . . . with mice still in them. The U.S. EPA inspectors found the drowned mice in the nice, clean cages. Ah, there's another reminder why I don't visit the PETA website.


In honor of the upcoming Oscar awards (and, by extension, Julia's promised Oscar predictions), I have the two biggest crimes perpetrated during the Oscar's:

-- Shakespeare in Love winning best picture over Saving Private Ryan

-- Tommy Lee Jones winning best supporting actor for The Fugitive rather than Ralph Fiennes for Schindler's List

I'd be interested to know if you disagree, or if you have some other candidates.


I've almost completed my 100 Things list, which I will post shortly. But first, I have a questionnaire that will be posted next week. The questionnaire will be multiple-choice, with answers weighted according to their level of cool . . . according to KL, anyway. The "winner" will receive a personalized mix CD.

Should be fun. But probably won't be.